Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dining GF at the Channel Cafe, Boston

So far, I have chosen to only review recipes, products and places that I have a favorable opinion of.  However, I was aware that this journey to Boston with a family of 5 would present some gf challenges.
I spent at least 2 hours researching restaurants online that offered a family friendly gf menu, were located near our travel destinations and were affordable - not an easy task.  On the day of our arrival we dined mid-day at the Channel Cafe in South Boston.  The Channel Cafe offered a variety of gf dishes and specials on their online menu.
The atmosphere was unique and hip as the cafe is located on the basement level of a main street South Boston arts building, but has an open 2 story ceiling.  Light pours in from the large upper floor windows.  The space houses and is connected to art galleries from painting to photography to woven rugs.
Unfortunately, the hostess and waitstaff seemed somewhat unclear and confused about which selections were indeed gluten free and were unable to answer specific questions with clear and confident responses.  The printed menu did not indicate which items were gf, only the chalkboard with daily specials indicated 2 items as gluten-free.  I offered our Living Without Dining Card to our waitress, which she read, but assured me that the "cook" didn't need to read it - extremely disappointing.
Our food was absolutely delicious.  My son wound up having a burger with sweet potato fries as that was the only kid friendly gf selection.  My husband had 5 spice salmon salad without the tamari dressing.  The waitress kept insisting that the tamari was gf even as I questioned her persistently.  After we placed our order, she returned indicating that the tamari dressing was not in fact gf.  Exasperating, frustrating, disappointing.  When our meal finally arrived it was all absolutely delicious - both the gf and regular lunches.  However, I can't recommend this cafe with complete confidence to the CD community.

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