Monday, August 13, 2012

Gluten-Free Elementary School Resource Guide

It is essential at the start of every school year to provide your childs' school with a gluten-free resource guide.  Whether your child is newly diagnosed or his/her diagnosis has been part of their school journey, administrators, cafeteria staff, school nurses, librarians and classroom teachers change often. Listed below are my favorite teacher sites, children's books and resources.  The links are live and are also provided for you to forward or share with your child's teacher.  Have a great school year! 

For Classroom Teachers

Books for the Classroom and/or School Library
  • Adam's Gluten Free Surprise by Debbie Simpson
  • Eating Gluten Free with Emily by Bonnie Kruszka
  • Amy Goes Gluten Free:  A Young Person's Guide to C.D. by Hilarie Staton
  • The Gluten Free Kid:  A CD Survival Guide by Melissa London
  • No More Cupcakes Tummy Aches by Jax Peters Lowell
  • Barrett's Unusual Ice Cream Party by Michelle King
For the School Nurse
Children/Celiac Sprue Association -
Helping Children Love Living Gluten-Free!

Celebrating Without Food!

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