Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adam's Gluten Free Surprise

To provide full disclosure, Debbie Simpson, author of Adam's Gluten free Surprise, sent me a copy of her book for review on my blog.  I have to admit, I felt so honored at the request and was delighted to receive an autographed copy.
During the Thanksgiving holiday, I read Adam's Gluten Free Surprise to my 10 year old food critic and my 7 year old gluten-free guy.
Adam's story was all to familiar for my little guy.  He identified with Adam immediately.  Adams journey actually brought a tear to my eye as this story immediately reminded me of certain aspects of my little guy's own journey.
When reading how Adam couldn't eat the cupcakes or pizza at a school party, my food critic, who is very close with her little brother, declared "Wow!  That happened to Sawyer too!".
Adam's Gluten Free Surprise is a great story for kids with Celiac who are in the 2nd-5th grades.  Perhaps even more significantly, I think this book should be read by classroom teachers, teacher aides and assistants, school nurses and cafeteria personnel who work with students with Celiac Disease.  I'd love to see this book shared as a read-aloud during elementary school faculty/staff meetings to help those adults working with children better understand the daily struggle and disappointment kids with CD face.  The impact of Adam's story provides valuable lessons for adults who are responsible for creating a nurturing, inclusive environment for their students.
We're going to keep our autographed copy of Adam's Gluten Free Surprise.  But, we're going to pay it forward by purchasing a copy to donate to my little guys school library.
Thanks Debbie!

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