Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Emergency" Snacks for Mexico

Our family of 5 is thrilled to be heading to Mexico tomorrow for a week!  We are staying at an all-inclusive upscale resort with several restaurants on the property.  I am hoping and assuming that most foods will be fresh, local fruits, veggies, fish and rice.  However, when we venture off property for day-long excursions, I'm worried about accessibility to gluten-free foods.  We don't speak Spanish so, I'm also a bit concerned about translations issues regarding gluten.  Therefore, we are bringing a huge bag full of pistachios, a gf trail mix, dry roasted edamame, a variety of gf bars, fruit pouches and my favorite Justin's nut butters.  Hopefully these provisions will be enough to get my 2 favorite gf guys through a week of snorkeling, cenote exploring, pyramid climbing and zip-lining through Mexico!  I'll be off the grid for the week, taking lots of notes about gluten-free dining in Mexico.  I'll fill you in with lots of details when we return.

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