Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gluten-Free Lunch Box Tag

My little guy, who has Celiac Disease, is entering 2nd grade this year.  In an effort to make him some "cool" CD awareness tags, I purchased 3 soccer themed tags for two dollars each at our local Michael's Craft Store.  I simply inserted a Living Without Dining Card that we already had, and sealed the bottom with the Gluten Free labels I ordered from Label Your Stuff several months ago.   Find a fun tag in your child's favorite color, sport or motif.

 I use the green Gluten Free labels to identify pantry and refrigerator items that are g-free.  Our  gf cooking utensils, colanders etc. are all green.  Color coding and labeling reduces cross-contamination risks and makes it easier when my parents are kid sitting or my daughters' teenage friends are over.
I will attach 1 tag to my little guys lunch box, 1 on his backpack and have an extra tag for the inevitable loss or destruction of either of the other tags.
I recognize that non-traditional allergy-aware tags are not a viable option for every family.  However, for our needs and considering my little guys understanding of his disease and dietary requirements, along with the safety pre-cautions we already have in place at his elementary school such as a 504 Plan,  and teacher/staff training in CD, we are comfortable with these tags as an extra reminder.  
For severe and life threatening allergies please visit Label Your Stuff to find a wonderful variety of allergy aware labels.  LYS has waterproof, temporary paper stickers, buttons and bag tags.

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  1. Such a good idea with the labels! At my college house I put black duck tape on my food and write gluten-free on all the tupperware to try to eliminate confusion. Labeling is key!