Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Frozen Yogurt Obsession

Since discovering silicone molds, which are primarily used for baking, my kids and I have had a lot of fun this summer creating naturally gluten-free frozen yogurt pops.
For our latest version we used vanilla yogurt, gf chocolate cookie crumbs from Kinnikinnick, and banana yogurt. 
Simply fill 1/3 of your mold with vanilla yogurt and freeze for 15 minutes.
Then, add a layer of gf cookie crumbs, top of with banana yogurt and insert your popsicle stick.
Put the mold back in the freezer for an additional 15 minutes and enjoy:o)
The Kinnikinnick Cookie Crumbs are great as a yogurt topping, frozen yogurt or ice cream topping, or for making your own ice cream cake!


  1. That looks so tasty! Have you tried mixing yogurt with different fresh fruits? I think your kids will love it too. It’s healthy and very refreshing, especially in the summer. My mom who owns a yogurt business café has this fruity frozen yogurt. My kids love it, as well as their friends.

    *Joseph Carr

  2. Yes - my kids love to help me make frozen fruit & yogurt pops! Check out my posts titled Frozen Yonana Pops and Frozen Fruit & Yogurt Star Pops!