Monday, January 14, 2013

Kabobs for Kids

What a fun way to create in the kitchen with your kids!  Kids and kabobs seem to go hand in hand.  Kabobs for Kids by Janna DeVore is written with instructions for both adults and kids, with simple step-by-step directions and great photos.  Most kabob ideas included in this book are naturally gluten free and those that are not can be easily modified.  Chapters include Breakfast Kabobs, Lunch on a Stick, Stick Dinners, Skewered Sweets and ends with a section on Mini Kabobs.  The mini kabobs are great for lunch boxes, after school snacks, or even appetizers.
Recipes range from Waffle Stompers (which I think are great for breakfast after a slumber party) to Caribbean Kabobs.  Another fun idea is Birthday Cake Kabobs - a great way to celebrate a birthday at school.  For gluten-free birthday cake kabobs, I recommend using a dense, most gf cake to reduce the crumble potential.  Caramel Apple Kabobs are a great alternative to traditional fall caramel apples and a lot easier to make and eat!

Somehow, food is tastier when served on a stick.  Kabobs are a fun, creative way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and excited about being creative with their food!  I look forward to finding an interesting variety of skewers and toothpicks so my kids and I can get kabobbing!  I hope to post some creative kabob picks soon!

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