Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tate's "Gluten-Free"

My family, friends and myself have been frequent patrons at Tate's (formerly Kathleen's Cookies) for more than 20 years.  Tate's is an adorable little bakery in a quaint, upscale village.   I have loved their chocolate chip cookies since I was a teenager.  However, I was somewhat surprised to find in the Fall 2012 issue of "Gluten-Free Living" magazine, that staff writer Susan Cohen chose to include Tate's gluten-free cookies as one of her recommended new products.  I know, because I have been there many times, that all bakery goods are produced in the same small kitchen on shared equipment.  Shortly thereafter I attended the Gluten-Free Expo on Long Island and was surprised that a local vendor was there with Tate's on his table.  I had a somewhat heated discussion with him about the validity of Tate's products being gluten-free.  Then in the Holiday 2012 issue of "Gluten-Free Living" there was a feature article about Tate's gluten-free products stating that their gf cookies are sold nationwide and a gluten-free facility is "in the works" for next year.   I find it truly exasperating.
Yesterday, I went into Tate's and asked them about their facility and manufacturing process.  ALL bakery goods are produced in the same small kitchen, on the same equipment, baked on the same cookie sheets etc.  SO many opportunities for cross-contamination.  I asked if they tested their product to ensure that gluten-free bakery goods are indeed gluten-free, and the answer was no.  AND, the label on the gf products does not disclose that products are made in a shared facility.
I think it is irresponsible for "Gluten-Free Living" magazine to feature and promote a company that is not certified gluten-free.  It is equally mis-leading and irresponsible for a company to label its' products as gluten-free when they cannot guarantee its' gluten free status.

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  1. Wow, lots of opportunities for cross contamination. Thanks for sharing your information.
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