Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transforming My Pantry to be G-FREE

So, after doing my research and deciding as a family to go G-FREE, the 1st task was to eliminate everything from our pantry that contained wheat or gluten.  Any open boxes or containers went into the trash.  Any new boxes, cans or jars went into a bag for our local food pantry.  By the time I was finished, we were left with a bag of rice, a couple of cans of beans, a few jars of pasta sauce, some jelly and some potato chips.  The tears came streaming as I struggled to both comprehend and accept the enormity of of the change that we were facing.
Next, the refrigerator:  condiments, dips, sauces and left-overs all landed in the trash.                        
Armed with my list of un-safe foods, food additives and preservatives, I hit the grocery store.  It took me hours to shop for our family of 5 as I carefully read labels searching for that elusive ingredient that would render a food un-safe.
I left feeling discouraged, with my cart 1/2 full and my wallet $300 lighter, but with my resolve unwavering.

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