Thursday, June 14, 2012

School Birthday Parties

Ugh:(  I got a call today while I was at work, teaching yoga for 3 hours to pre-school camp kids, from my sons' teacher, that a parent sent in cupcakes today for a summer birthday celebration.  Here it is, the last week of school and parent's still don't get it.  Or, they don't care, I'm not sure which.  Luckily, my teenage daughter was home and I called to ask her if she could bring him something.  She suggested Italian ice!  So, she made a special delivery to the Elementary School.  I'm so thankful for her and so is he:)  
I just wish more parents could be more considerate - he's just a little boy and he just wants to be like everyone else.  He is usually a champ - not complaining at all.  But last week there were lollipops that he couldn't have and he was really disappointed.  He said to his g-free Dad, "Dad, don't you wish we didn't be have to be gluten free.  Don't you wish we could just take a pill so we could eat whatever we want?"  My heart broke for him then, and it certainly ached today when I received that call.  
I really hope that through education and awareness more families will do their best to be inclusive of all children.  At the very least, notify us in advance that we can send something special in for him.
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