Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Progresso: Recipe Starters

Progresso Recipe Starters cooking sauce: Fire Roasted Tomato
As a busy mom of 3, working part-time teaching 8 kids yoga classes per week, and traveling roughly 25 miles to do our grocery shopping - I'm usually pressed for time.  During my last visit to our "local" grocery store, I quickly picked up a can of Progresso Recipe Starters: fire roasted Tomato.  The label was appealing and I thought it would be useful adding flavor to one of my sauces.  Imagine my surprise when I when to use it and checked the back of the can label to find CONTAINS MILK AND WHEAT.  Ugh!  Why, why, why is it necessary to put wheat in fire roasted tomato sauce?  I'm thankful I checked the ingredient list before ruining a perfectly tasty meal - without any unnecessary  wheat!

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