Tuesday, September 25, 2012

School Celebrations - Without Food!

We are at the start of our 2nd gluten-free school year for our 2nd grader.  Although he has a 504 Plan in place, the school has informed me that they can only request NOT require that parent's send in gluten-free foods for classroom parties and celebrations - sigh.  I was hoping I had conquered this issue.  So, I prepared a list of Gluten-Free treats & snacks which I supplied to the teacher.
Gluten-Free Party Foods

Jello Cups          Jello Jigglers
Popsicles          Edy's Frozn Fruit          Home-made Ice Pops
Italian Ice Cups          Sorbet
Gluten-Free Brownies          Gluten-Free Cupcakes
Chocolate M&M's          Tootsie Rolls          Skittles
Pirate Booty          Cool Ranch Doritoes          Plentils
Smartfood Popcorn          Lay's Classic Potato Chips
Food Should Taste Good Chips
Enjoy Life Cookies
Fresh Fruit Kabobs          Fruit with Whipped Cream
Watermelon Slices          Watermelon on a popsicle stick
Banana Boppers(un-peeled bananas decorated with stickers)

Better yet, Don't make food the focus
Plan activities such as:

provide chalk and have a sidewalk chalk party
provide bubbles and have a bubble blast
provide music and have a dance party
provide a craft (decorate a seashell, pinecone, soup can...)

each activity can take 10 minutes before/after recess or at the end of the school day and gets kids moving and creating

I hope that families are sensitive and respectful of my little guys dietary restrictions and realize how heartbroken he will be if left out of classroom celebrations.  It's just not the same when your mom brings in a treat that doesn't look like everyone else's.  He's really good about it and never complains, but I know he would be thrilled to be included.  Fingers crossed:)

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