Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite GF Product: fruit me up!

One of my favorite new products is fruit me up! by Andros.  Fruit me up! are fruit sauce pouches for kids in varieties such as Only Applesauce, Only Apples Mangoes Pineapples, and Only Apples Strawberries Bananas.  What makes these my favorite fruit sauce pouches are several things: they are Made in the USA, are certified gluten-free, the pouches are bpa free and they are "super sized" at 4 ounces.   Since my youngest are now 7 and soon-to-be 10, the "super size" pouch is a much more appropriate size to satisfy hungry tummys.
I serve a variety of fresh seasonal produce every morning with breakfast.  Generally we have kiwi, berries or bananas in the morning.  Each school day their lunch boxes are packed with fruit that can tolerate getting squished such as an apple, orange or grapes.  After school can get tricky with 3 kids participating in different activities.  If we are home, they snack on melon and chips.  However, I love these pouches as they are easy to toss in my car for a quick after school snack when we are heading to a dance class or off to watch big sister play field hockey.  They provide a healthy snack bursting with natural fruit energy.
Be patient as this is a fairly new product and is still somewhat difficult to find.  If you have found it on store shelves - let us know where to find them.  Several sections of  the fruit me up! website are still under construction - so check in with them again soon.

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