Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gluten-Free Snack Packs!

Although I strive to pack home-made snacks and lunches for my children everyday, life sometimes gets in the way.  Our K-5 elementary school does not have a cafeteria.  That means packing 2 lunch boxes daily with snacks, drinks, lunches, healthy treats, and snacks for after school programming.  As a working mom of 3, volunteering at my kids elementary and high schools, and essentially running a free taxi service from field hockey practice, to dance lessons, to band performances, my days can get overwhelming and complicated.   Often times, pre-packaged gf snacks are my sanity saver.  I fill a huge basket with a variety of gf snacks and let my kids choose 2 each day to toss in their lunchbox.  They love having the freedom to choose their own snacks, and I love the mostly guilt-free freedom it provides me.

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