Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bagels, Buddy and Me

Bagels, Buddy and Me by Melanie Krumry is a story for children written by the mom of 2 children with gluten intolerance and she also lives with gluten intolerance.  After reading the book I remain uncertain whether she or her children have Celiac Disease as 1 child had high IgG levels but an upper endoscopy was negative and it seems that neither mom or the sibling underwent an upper endoscopy.  Nevertheless, the story is told from the point of view of a child about his physical symptoms along with detailed descriptions of the diagnostic process.  I have my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and was a pre-school educator for 10 years.  After previewing the book, I chose not to read it to my almost-7 year old son.  Bagels, Buddy and Me is a lengthy picture book, which I believe is intended for children ages 6-10.  It might be appropriate for newly diagnosed 8-10 year olds.  It's worth a trip to your library to pick up a copy.  However, I would recommend a parental review before sitting down to read it with your child.

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