Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peace, Love & G-Free Tie Dye Cupcakes

Recently, my 2 youngest children were invited to a groovy Peace, Love & Yoga birthday party, which party I would be facilitating as a yoga instructor through my yoga business Peaceful Planet Yoga.  The birthday momma is a close friend and although she doesn't have CD is also gluten free.  Our local bakery was creating groovy, tie dyed, peace themed cupcakes.  Unfortunately, they don't have the facilities required to bake gluten free.  So I set out to bake my own tie dye, g-free cupcakes.  I purchased a box of Better Batter Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix.  I had read several rave reviews about this batter and have tried several times in the past to purchase it online in bulk quantities directly from the manufacturer.  However, it has always been sold out.  Then I came across a box in a discount store.  The box, in a discount store, was $5.99 - but what's a celiac momma to do.  I followed the basic directions on the box, but also added 2/3 of a cup of granny smith applesauce to the mix.  After filling each cupcake 1/3 of the way full, I added some food coloring and gave it a swirl.
My 16 year old thought they were "a bit sweet".  The first ingredient listed is sugar:(  My 9 year old declared them "very tasty".  My son exclaimed them to be "super, super, super good"!  I thought they were delicious!

Better Baker Cake Mix is available directly through their website for $7.50 a box. You can also purchase all purpose flour in bulk for $19.95 for 5lbs or $60 for 20lb

Peace, Love and Happy Cupcake Baking!

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