Sunday, June 3, 2012

Creating a Celiac Disease Safe Kitchen

We received the CD diagnosis while in the midst of a major kitchen renovation.  As if going g-free as a family wasn't challenging enough, we were initiated into the g-free world while cooking on an electric plate, in a microwave and with our refrigerator plugged in - in the living room.  Adding to the chaos was the usual end-of-the-school year mayhem!

After reviewing my favorite CD website, books and reading a few blogs, I quickly realized that we would need to have designated g-free zones in our kitchen.  As recommended by many sites, I purchased a new toaster and pots specifically dedicated to g-free foods only.  I also purchased new cooking utensils, all green silicone, for cooking g-free foods.  Silicone sterilizes well in the dishwasher and doesn't hold food particles, so it's a great choice.  Keeping it color coded makes it easier for guest and family members who are using our kitchen.  I also purchased a green cutting board and colander as you should never, ever, under any circumstances use either of which that has ever been in contact with gluten.  It's just not worth the possible risk of cross contamination.  Then, I ordered Gluten Free labels from Triumph Dining.  The labels were expensive so I put the stickers on a bright green index card and laminated them.  I use these labels to label the drawer and cabinet holding the g-free pots and utensils.

Finally, in a matter of days - yes days - our pantry, fridge, and kitchen were gluten free.  We were now ready to embark on our G-FREE Journey!


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