Friday, June 8, 2012

Kids with Celiac Disease: Book Review

As I began my journey as a celiac momma the book, Kids with Celiac Disease:  A Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Children by Donna Korn, really helped me understand and accept my own emotions and provided guidance for helping me to make the right decisions for our family. The chapter entitled, "Panic, Anger, Grief, Denial & other emotions you can look forward to", really resonated with me.  Here was someone else describing my very own thoughts and reactions.  It was somehow oddly comforting to know that someone else had suffered the same grief stricken emotions.  But, as she endured, triumphed and accepted the diagnosis - so have I.
This book offers the perspective of her son, age 11 who has lived with a CD diagnosis almost his entire life.  It provides a nice insight into a childs' state of mind living with CD.  Sometimes, I find myself feeling sorry for my son.  But I quickly remind myself that he doesn't feel any self-pity.  Celiac Disease is just a part of who he is and my pity quickly turns to pride.
Kids with Celiac Disease also addresses the decision of whether or not the entire family should be g-free.  While we initially decided to be g-free as a family, the challenges and costs associated with that decision were soon felt.  One year after the  diagnosis, I would say, that as a family we are close(98%) to being completely g-free.
Kids with Celiac Disease is an easy to read valuable resource for families addressing the emotional aspects of CD, dietary needs and restrictions, menus, eating out, special occasions, and a very important chapter on knowing your legal rights and benefits.

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