Monday, July 23, 2012


Envirokidz is an organic, kid-friendly line produced by Nature's Path Foods.  Many of their products are gluten-free.  However, please be aware that not all of Nature's Path products are g-free, namely and sadly, the kid friendly toaster pastries.  So, be sure to look for the Gluten Free label proudly displayed on the front of their packaging.  We love so many of their products!  The Koala Chocolate Crispy Rice Bars, Berry Crispy Rice Bars, and Koala Chocolate Crispy Cereal are our favorites!  The Crispy Cereal makes yummy marshmallow crispy treats.

What I love is how mainstream and accessible these products are.  It is typically less expense when ordering on-line.  I keep a baggie with a variety of Envirokidz Bars in my car for "snack emergencies".
Not only are Nature's Path products gluten-free, they have no artificial preservatives or additives and they do not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.  Nature's path also donates 1% of sales towards species and habitat conservation and environmental education.  It feels great to support a company that gives back!

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