Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feel Good Foods Gluten-Free Dumplings

I can't even begin to fully express my joy at finding feel good foods gluten-free asian style chicken dumplings during my last visit to my "local" health food supermarket!  

Every March our elementary school hosts an international food festival.  Last March, before our son's diagnosis, we attended the fabulous affair.  A mom from China made delicious dumplings that my son couldn't get enough of!  At 5 years old we was experiencing true culinary delight.  He has been asking for dumplings ever since.  Unfortunately, I don't possess the skills necessary for making gf dumplings from scratch.  This past March we once again attended the fabulous International Food Festival hosted by our school.  My son was devastated that he couldn't have the dumplings that he remembered so well from the year before. 

So, it was with sheer delight that I cam across Feel Good Foods Asian Style Dumplings in the freezer section at our natural foods supermarket.  I grabbed a box and gasped at the price - $7 for 8 dumplings.  But honestly, I didn't care - I knew he would be thrilled.  I served them for dinner with the provided dipping sauce and steamed soybeans.  My little guy absolutely loved them!

Six months later he's still asking for them.  So, I make the 40 minute journey to the natural foods market when I can, and stock up on several boxes so I can quickly cook up a box when requested:)

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